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Howdy, Duty Free

I like to think that I’m aware, at least as aware as the average person, of the downside of our traditions and culture in the United States. People from Europe and other regions of the world criticize “Americans” for a variety of things, and I would say that some of these criticisms are quite valid. […]

Don’t lose your marvels!

Several years ago I was flying into Chicago’s O’Hare from the west. I think I was making a connection to somewhere, but I don’t recall for sure. What I do remember is that it was a perfectly clear day. I could see suburban Chicago stretching in every direction (except east; too wet!), and the downtown […]

Airline food

You hear a lot about how bad airline food is. OK. I’m not going to argue it’s the culmination of culinary culture. But here’s how I think about it: Eight inches from my left elbow it’s 70 degrees below zero, the wind is more than 500 mph, and there’s not enough oxygen to sustain life. […]